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  Manufacture of stone products at any level of complexity:

- Interior: steps, window sills, slabs, countertops, columns, balusters and handrails, ledges, skirting boards, mosaics;
- Elements of landscape design: fountains, decoration ponds and parks, bridges, and benches;
- Elements of urban architecture: brick components, pilasters, arches, and pedestals memorials, reliefs, console, and statues;
- Skirting boards, fireplaces, counters;
- Planar and volumetric inlay, carving, mosaic;
- Works of art of stone monuments of granite and marble headstones;

- Any exclusive items made of granite, marble and other stone for individual projects of the customer.


Scanning and creating high-quality 3D models. The ability to scan your models as well as making the model designed by:

- Bas-reliefs;
- Capitals, pilasters, columns;
- Panels;
- Busts and sculptures, etc.

We use the latest optical photoscanner "OpenRev" our partner from italy (www.scanner3d.it), you can get a 3D model (copy) of very high resolution and detail, which in future can be executed in natural or artificial stone. The originality and uniqueness made products according to your personal choice and taste will appreciate it.