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    Natural stone - a natural building material. Natural stone is called all the rocks used in construction. These include: marble, granite, travertine, slate, sandstone, coquina and onyx.

In its structure and the decorative features of these rocks differ from each other. Natural stone is one of the oldest materials used by people to build a house or facing facade. Thanks to the beauty, strength and durability of natural stone is a wonderful decoration of palaces, temples, mansions and traditional houses. In the interior, natural stone can be used in different variations. The advantage of this stone in front of countless man-made materials. Since each saw cut the stone gives unique shape and structure for lining or making other products, as well as a large variety of colors and patterns that gives you a lot of design decisions.

Most natural stones used for facing buildings, both inside and outside. For the interior lining uses a special marble or granite wallpaper. The combination of mosaic patterns and patterned structures give the appearance of the beauty and richness. It is also very popular cladding facades of natural stone. First of all, it's attractive appearance, and secondly, it is very ecological and it is very durable. Also, natural stone iznosostoek, frost and almost does not absorb moisture. This material is probably the only one minus, it is expensive. Today, natural stone material is available. Due to its popularity, it sold in all DIY stores. The range of natural stone is high. So many different colors, shapes and sizes.

The most popular today are the stones: granite, marble, onyx and dolomite.