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   Treatment of natural stone requires a huge expenditure of labor, time and talent. The talent is given the master from his birth. For everything else, there are machines Prussiani Engineering srl, which will help realize the dreams of those who likes to surround himself with exquisite things.

LLC "Peremoga" offers a full range of services in designing and manufacturing products made ??of natural stone at any level of complexity:
Interior Features: stairs, window sills, slabs, countertops, columns, balusters and handrails, ledges, skirting boards, mosaics;
Elements of landscape design: fountains, decoration ponds and parks, bridges, and benches;
Elements of urban architecture: the facade components, pilasters, arches, and pedestals memorials, reliefs, console, and statues;
Skirting boards, fireplaces, counters;
Planar and volumetric inlay, carving, mosaics;
Feature articles of stone, monuments of granite and marble headstones;
Any exclusive items made ??of granite, marble and other natural stone on individual projects of the customer.

TOV "Peremoga"
ul. Yaroslavov Val, 33b
01034 Kiev, Ukraine
тел./факс: (+380 44) 272-10-13
                    (+380 44) 272-53-81
е-mail: tov-peremoga@yandex.ru